Thursday 06 August 2020
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Our company, MTC Media & Translation, is run by a team with deep experience and proven experience in the fields of journalism, media relations and translation.

Headquartered in Dubai and led by Saad Elsayed, with his more than 30 years of journalism, translation and media relations experience in Egypt and the UAE. Our team of talented and award-winning journalists, writers and translators, produce quality professional work in a short time, thereby ensuring that clients meet their deadlines.

Our seasoned team are adept at the writing, editing and translation of press releases, briefing papers, annual reports, corporate and product literature, promotional film scripts, contract publishing content, website content and media kits.

Through the use of a mix research, analysis and best practice methods, we provide expertise to clients, ranging from multinational corporations to local government entities, on how to successfully reach out to the outside world through the media. 

When it comes to translation, we ensure that the native feel of the source language, be it Arabic or English, remains intact in the translation to guarantee a meaningful impact. And it is not just the UAE that is on our radar, but also the entirety of the Arabian Gulf and other Middle Eastern countries, where it maintains strong business links and cotacts.

With our experience of working in government and corporate sectors, we have a broad understanding of social and cultural sensitivities and the way in which the media functions, and can be influenced. We are energetic and full of ideas that can turn your vision into reality and take your corporate messages and brands to greater heights of popularity and visibility.

We Create, Communicate, Connect and Convince by acting as a bridge to help your organization reach the outside world through high-impact and congent messages about what you do, where you are heading and how visionary and successful you are in your field of operation.